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Laure Moguérou

Laure Moguérou holds a degree in demography and a PhD from Sciences P. Paris (France). Her PhD thesis was of educational practices of families in Dakar (Senegal) focusing on social and gender inequalities between families and on inequalities within families in school attainment and educational success.

She then occupied a postdoctoral position at the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) in Paris, working on school trajectories and transition to adulthood of children of immigrants in France, through analysis of TeO dataset. She has been an Assistant-Professor at the University of West Paris Ouest and Researcher at CEnter of Research in Population Studies (CERPOS) and the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) in Paris, since 2008. Her research interests are : articulation between class, gender and origins inequalities focusing on social trajectories of children of migrants (family socialization, school trajectories and success, and gaining autonomy). She has led the research (2010-2011) on the effects of the number of siblings on the personal outcomes of children from immigrant families for the National Fund of Family Allowances (CNAF).