Pathways to Success - Belgium

Pathways Belgium basically consists in a dissertation project at the University of Ghent on successful educational and work careers among second generation Turks and Moroccans in Flanders - in comparison to age peers of low social background, but with native-born parents. The project addresses the following principle research aspects:

- School career and experiences related to school and education
- Transition to the labor market (expectations or experiences, depending on the situation of the respondent)
- Reflections on some findings from my doctoral research (on perceptions pupils and teachers hold on each other, e.g. related to home language, home situation, parental involvement)

It is part of a larger research initiative called "'BET YOU - Schoolcareers in Secondary Education in Flanders" lead by Prof. Piet van Avermaet.

Researcher: Reinhilde Pulinx, M.A.