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Yaël Brinbaum

Yaël Brinbaum is a sociologist, researcher at the Research Centre of Employment (CEE). She's associate researcher at the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) and at the Institute of Research in Education (IREDU, CNRS). Since 2003, she has been associate professor at University of Burgundy.

She has been working on the school careers of the children of immigrants in France and then in comparison with European countries and United States. Her current work is focused on the transitions from school to work and employment trajectories of the second generation youth in a comparative perspective.

Her research interests are: educational careers, labour market transitions and employment of the second generation youth; discriminations at school and on the labour market, relationships of immigrant families in school.

She's using international and national quantitative surveys, in particular the French "Trajectories and Origins" survey (Ined, Insee, 2008). She has been involved in several international comparative projects such as "the children of immigrants in Schools" (CIS) between Europe and the United States, coordinated by Richard Alba (funded by the NSF and the Nuffield foundation) and coordinated the comparative project "Ethnic inequalities in Education in comparative perspective (EEI) with Anthony Heath (University of Oxford)., funded by the Equalsoc network. Some publications emerging from these projects are forthcoming.
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Some publications:
Brinbaum Y, Guégnard, 2012, « Parcours de formation et d'insertion des jeunes issus de l'immigration au prisme de l'orientation:», Formation Emploi n°118, la Documentation française.
Brinbaum Y., Guégnard C., 2012, « Le sentiment de discrimination des descendants d'immigrés : reflet d'une orientation contrariée et d'un chômage persistant », Agora débats /jeunesses Jeunesse, n°61, p.7-20
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