Emerging leadership

The ELITES project focuses on the upcoming elite in three sectors: law, education and business in four countries. 


The European Second Generation Compared

OUT NOW: The European Second Generation Compared. Does the Integration Context Matter?
edited by Maurice Crul, Jens Schneider and Frans Lelie. To order the book: aup.nl To download the book through IMISCOE: OAPEN

Data collected by the TIES survey in fifteen cities across eight European countries provide a vivid picture of how children of immigrants from Turkey, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia are progressing in local domains. Results in education, labour, social relations, religion and identity formation are not only demographically compelling, but revelational. By asking if the integration context matters – and, if so, how – we begin to answer universal questions concerning the long-term effects of incorporation regimes, as they affect migrants today and for generations to come.