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Floris Vermeulen

Floris Vermeulen is assistant professor at the department of political science and co-director of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) both at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on different themes, such as civic and political participation of immigrants on the local level, looking at, among other things. the development of populations of immigrant organizations.

Furthermore he has studied local integration policies and their effects on different domains, for instance by looking at local policies targeting violent extremism. In addition to that he is currently involved in a European research project on the governance of religious diversity. His work is published in several international volumes and journals such as Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Turkish Studies and Urban Studies. Most recent publications are:

  • F. Vermeulen, ‘Mutualism, Resource Competition, and Opposing Movements among Turkish Organizations in Amsterdam and Berlin’, 1965-2000, British Journal of Sociology (forthcoming)
  • F. Vermeulen & F. Bovenkerk (in press). Engaging with Violent Islamic Extremism. Local policies in West European cities. Den Haag: Eleven International Publishers
  • F. Vermeulen, J. Tillie and R. van de Walle (2012), 'Different effects of ethnic diversity on social capital: density of foundations and leisure associations in Amsterdam Neighbourhoods', Urban Studies, 49(2), 337–352.
  • W. Nicholls & F.Vermeulen (2012) 'Rights through the City:  The Urban Basis of Immigrant Rights Struggles in Amsterdam and Paris', In Michael Peter Smith and Michael McQuarrie (eds.), Remaking Urban Citizenship: Organizations, Institutions, and the Right to the City. New Brunswick: Transactions Publishers, p. 79-96.
  • F. Vermeulen (2012), ‘Socio-legal research on accommodation of religious diversity in family and labour law, in public space and state funding of religions in the Netherlands’ Country report NL WP7, FP7 RELIGARE project.

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